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Steve White, Yoga Teacher

What I figured out a long time ago is that I had something to say. The "something" has taken a long time to find - a combination of a couple thousand hours of training, and several times that amount of practice; throw in a few heaping tablespoons of curiosity and observation and patience...yes...most of all, patience, Patience with life, and with the process of growing.

What I offer to students in classes, private sessions and on my YouTube channel embodies my understanding to date of what's important in life, and how to work with what you have in the most open and freeing way...ultimately, to find and manifest the best we each have to offer, for our own benefit, but most important, for the benefit of our circle of influence, for the greater whatever is out there... 

To create a better world, as Emerson said, " know even one life has breathed easier
because you have lived,
this is to have succeeded."

Amen to that.

I'm an E-RYT500 certified yoga teacher and C-IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist.

I practice life. I teach yoga.

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